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Bespoke flooring & skirting 
in Poole, Bournemouth and Broadstone

Browse all wooden flooring and skirting installation services by Judge Carpentry

Solid wood floors

Skilled in preparing, laying and fitting real hardwood floor boards in modern and traditional homes, Judge Carpentry can create the flooring look you're envisioning.

Laminate flooring

With laminate flooring growing in quality and variety, Judge Carpentry can prepare, level and install your flooring for any room type - bed, bath or living rooms.

Skirting boards

The finishing touch to any flooring project, well finished skirting boards complete the room. Opt for plain or decorative skirting with a high quality installation and finish.

White Chair in an Empty Room

Finish trims and architraves

Judge Carpentry will precisely customise and fit your architraves and finish trims to suit your home's flooring and doorways.

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Wardrobes & cabinets

Wall Panelled Room Around Fireplace.jpg

Flooring & skirting

Garden & external

Kitchen Worktop.jpg

Kitchen & bathroom

View my work on sliding and classic wardrobes, custom cabinets, wall panelling and furniture.

View my work on laminate and hardwood floors, skirting and architraves.

View my work on garden rooms, decking, cladding, outbuildings, carports and fencing.

View my work on kitchen fit-outs, custom shelves, bespoke bathroom units and cladded ceilings.

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